How Does the New Subaru Liberty Auto Stop/Start System Work?

How Does the New Subaru Liberty Auto Stop/Start System Work?
February 27, 2018 City Subaru
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The new Subaru Liberty is fitted with a host of clever technological innovations to improve the driving experience and levels of safety. One of the key areas in modern car design is to improve fuel efficiency to help the environment and save customers money. New engines are constantly being developed, but in the meantime, it makes sense to take the current technology to the limit of efficiency. This is where the clever automatic stop/start system comes into play, and it will play a major role in how we drive in the future.ing.

New Subaru Liberty, How Does the New Subaru Liberty Auto Stop/Start System Work?

What is the Auto Stop/Start System?

This system is also known as idle stop, and it’s designed to maximise fuel efficiency, especially in urban driving conditions. Essentially the engine will cut out when the car is not in motion at a stop light or in heavy traffic to save fuel. If the engine continued to run in a traditional car, unnecessary pollution would occur, and vital fuel would be wasted. It’s estimated that an auto stop/start system could reduce an annual fuel bill by almost 10%.


How Does it Work Safely?

The auto stop/start system is a little more complicated than simply turning off the ignition automatically. The engine has to be stopped, but the power to other essential systems must be maintained, then the engine has to be quickly restarted to move off. This can only be achieved automatically by using electronic systems that can turn off the ignition spark and stop the fuel flow as you brake and come to a stop. Then when your foot is taken off the brake, the power returns and the engine is restarted by the starter motor for driving. During this process the power for lights, AC systems and infotainment will be maintained for continued operation.

The Essential Processes:

An auto stop/start system can only be installed if there are supporting processes available. Every essential system, such as power steering and pumps, has to be electrically driven to make it work. Any belt driven systems rely on the engine, and they cannot be turned on and off quickly via auto stop/start systems. A hardier start motor that can withstand consistent on and off operations is also a must. The car will need a battery that is designed to run down and recharge consistently, and certain cars may even have a dedicated battery for this purpose. Finally, the car engine will need increased durability and smoother operation to reduce the additional friction load and wear.

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