Getting the Most Out of the Subaru XV Crossover

Getting the Most Out of the Subaru XV Crossover
February 15, 2016 City Subaru

The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) sector now accounts for almost a third of all vehicles sold in Australia. Essentially there are two types of SUV, the rigid chassis dedicated off-roaders and the crossover vehicles. These “Crossover Vehicles” are passenger cars that offer the usual on road experience coupled with the limited ability to go off road. Although a crossover vehicle may be less capable off road than a dedicated SUV, many people may be surprised at the flexibility offered. In fact, it may be the case that many people purchase a Subaru XV with the intention of using it off road, but perhaps they lack the confidence and knowledge to do it safely. This article will provide a primer to getting the most out of your Subaru XV off road.

The Ideal Environment

The Subaru XV is more than happy on the road, but it is capable of so much more. When driven carefully the XV will be at ease on dirt tracks that lead to out of the way picnic spots in national parks. Driving on loose sand down to beaches is also simplicity as long as care is exercised. This is the ideal environment for the crossover vehicle allowing drivers to reach spots that would be next to impossible for a standard car.

Slightly More Challenging Terrain

Subaru has a rich history of producing rallying vehicles and this is reflected across their entire range. The Subaru XV can handle all road surfaces such as tarmac, gravel and dirt with relative ease. However, it is important to realise that crossover vehicles are not All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). A dedicated ATV has a higher ground clearance to negotiate obstacles and avoid damaging the underside of the vehicle. This is one of the primary differences you will notice between a crossover vehicle and an ATV. A crossover vehicle may have the torque to negotiate the terrain, but without adequate ground clearance, the vehicle could become stuck and damaged.

Subaru XV, Getting the Most Out of the Subaru XV Crossover

Dealing With Steep Slopes

Steep slopes is an area where crossover vehicles excel over larger ATV models. A higher ground clearance means that an ATV will have a higher centre of gravity that leads to inherent instability on steep slopes. As a crossover vehicle, the Subaru XV has a lower centre of gravity that makes negotiating slopes easier. The XV is also equipped with a horizontally opposed boxer engine that sits lower down than other models providing additional stability and lowering the centre of gravity even further. Although care should still be exercised steep slopes can be negotiated if the road surface is appropriate.

Don’t Forget

When venturing off road, you should always take a full sized spare tyre, a toolkit and a wheel brace along. It may also be a prudent decision to invest in some protection for the bumpers and headlights. If additional storage is required, a luggage pod will be better than a trailer in most circumstances. Lastly, regular maintenance is always a good idea, but make sure that the Subaru XV is ready for an off road adventure by checking tyre pressures and fluid levels prior to setting off.

Subaru XV, Getting the Most Out of the Subaru XV Crossover

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