EyeSight Technology Credited for Boosting Subaru Australia Sales

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If you are considering any of the new Subaru range such as the latest Subaru Forester for sale, the EyeSight technology may be an attractive feature. However, Subaru has credited EyeSight technology with boosting their Australian sales. The inclusion of this technology on certain models is said to be the encouragement needed to convince Australian consumers to buy Subaru Forester, Liberty and Outback models.

Subaru, EyeSight Technology Credited for Boosting Subaru Australia Sales

What is EyeSight:

The fitting of AEB or autonomous emergency braking technology in the latest Liberty, Outback and Subaru Forester for sale, has been a major contributory factor in increasing the sales volume on our local market. The EyeSight technology was first seen on the Outback and Liberty models back in 2012. It uses a pair of cameras which are mounted to face the road and a specialist computer. This equipment is used to determine how likely it is that the vehicle will be involved in a collision. The system can also step in to help the driver avoid a collision or lessen any impact.

The technology is now in its third generation and is available on higher spec Forester models, the petrol 2015 Outback range and all Liberty models. It is anticipated that EyeSight will be added to the remaining models when they are updated in the near future. However, this implementation will depend on how it can be integrated with existing or updated systems.

The Impact of EyeSight on Sales:

According to the local arm, the Subaru models that are equipped with EyeSight equate to 9,965 units sold out of the total 21,659 in the first half of 2015. This impressive sales figure has been aided by the fact that there has been a massive increase in Outback and Liberty models. This more affordable and all new 2015 variants have comfortably outstripped the demand seen for their predecessors.

In the year to date figures, there have been 2,415 Liberty units sold. This shows massive improvement against the 687 sold during the same period in 2014. There was also a massive growth in sales for the Outback with 6,310 units sold compared to the year to date 2014 figure of 1,533. This massive growth is attributed to the growing trend in customer preference for SUV models.

According to Nick Senior, Subaru Australia M.D, there is a general acceptance from Subaru customers about the “fantastic technology EyeSight represents”. Senior went on to say that the technology has proven ability to help in avoiding accidents or in reducing the severity of a collision. There has not been an official confirmation about when EyeSight will be more widely available throughout the Subaru line-up. The most glaring omission from the EyeSight equipped list of vehicles is the Impreza. While the updated US Impreza now features EyeSight, the Australian Impreza update in early 2015 did not include this addition.

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