Examining Used Cars for Sale: Perth Subaru Maintenance Advice

Examining Used Cars for Sale: Perth Subaru Maintenance Advice
October 12, 2018 City Subaru

As Subaru used car dealers, Perth drivers can be sure that Perth City Subaru only ever sells cars that are safe and ready to drive. Our technicians are trained by Subaru to ensure that our car sales and servicing are exceptional. However, even a well serviced car can develop issues over time and like any complex machine a vehicle sometimes needs expert attention. Most modern cars are equipped with a plethora of feedback equipment to warn the driver that there is something wrong. One of the most misunderstood warnings is the engine check light, and in this article, we will explore what it means and what you need to do if it comes on.

The Check Engine Light

The majority of drivers don’t have extensive technical knowledge about the cars they drive. For this reason, the engine check light can be alarming, but in many cases, this is simply an indication that there is a simple issue that needs to be fixed. The engine check light will blink or be constant depending upon the engine issue that needs to be checked.

Examining Used Cars for Sale, Examining Used Cars for Sale: Perth Subaru Maintenance Advice

A Steady Light

When the engine check light is constant, it’s an indication that the problem isn’t too serious, if there are no other warning lights illuminated. If the water temperature looks normal and the engine sounds fine you can keep driving for a short time. However, the problem shouldn’t be ignored, and you will still need to get some expert advice soon. In many cases, the light will come on when the fuel isn’t burning correctly; this could be caused by factors, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, spark plug issues, and a loose fuel cap. The car will be drivable, but it’s still important to have your vehicle checked by a Subaru trained mechanic as soon as you can.

A Blinking Light

The presence of a blinking light is usually a sign of something far more serious. A typical example would be unburnt fuel that is being dumped into the exhaust system. This can damage the catalytic converter, and it could result in an expensive repair bill if left unattended. If you see a blinking engine check light, reduce the power wherever possible and drive the car home. The vehicle will need professional attention immediately, and it should not be driven until the problem is fixed.

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