The Enticing Lure of the Subaru BRZ

The Enticing Lure of the Subaru BRZ
September 19, 2016 City Subaru

The Enticing Lure of the Subaru BRZ

When checking news and reviews about the Subaru BRZ 2016, Perth car enthusiasts cannot fail to be impressed. In many ways the new BRZ is a flagship car for the company as much as it is an anomaly in the Subaru stable. The mere fact that the BRZ is a rear wheel drive car sets it apart from the AWD Subaru cars in the rest of the range. The Subaru BRZ will never be a volume seller success story like the Levorg and it doesn’t need to be. The BRZ is more like a design statement, it is a lure into the brand for the uninitiated and cherished sports car for those that are lucky enough to own one.

subaru brz, The Enticing Lure of the Subaru BRZ

The BRZ Similarities

Although it is unique as a rear wheel car in the Subaru stable, the BRZ still aligns with the Subaru philosophy on car design in many ways. Thanks the engineering geniuses at Subaru, the BRZ still has the surefooted handling that we have come to expect from Subaru AWD cars. The attention to detail that is present in other premium Subaru models such as the WRX and WRX STI are also present. The styling and level of finish fit perfectly into the wider Subaru range.

The BRZ Differences

Aside from the rear wheel drive, the BRZ fulfills has a few differences from the other cars in the Subaru range. Firstly, it fills a gap as a sports car in the $30,000 price range, which is a segment that is prestigious for a car company. Of course the WRX STI has rallying heritage and it is a performance saloon car, but it is not a sports car in the strictest sense. Secondly, the BRZ is an aspirational vehicle that will appeal to a certain younger demographic that is either interested in 2 door sports cars or that cannot financially stretch to a WRX. This means that the BRZ can both fill a gap in the market and act as a kind of gateway drug into the brand. A younger successful BRZ owner now may well become a Levorg owner down the line when they have a family.

The Sales Volume

Of course, every car company loves to sell more cars and the Subaru BRZ is not exception. However, only 24 cars were sold last month, for the year to date the sales stand at 230 in total. This level of sales accounts for less than 1% of Subaru Australia’s volume for 2016. It is fair to say that Subaru will not be building their core business on the sales of the excellent BRZ sports car, but from a strategic point of view this car plays a vital role in the present and future plans of the Subaru brand.

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