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There are a great number of benefits provided with a Subaru car service. Our Subaru service centre can provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your car’s maintenance needs. Our experienced and qualified Subaru technicians can assist you with servicing any make and model of vehicle. We provide genuine Subaru parts, merchandise and accessories for assurance and peace of mind.

With a regular Subaru car service, Perth car owners can ensure the safe operation and optimised performance of their vehicle. Subaru car servicing can also maintain the resale value of the vehicle to protect the investment in the long term. Our Subaru service centre team is dedicated to helping you in enhancing the performance, safety and resale value of the vehicle now and in the years to come. Our Perth team take great pride in offering a high standard of service and experience.

Our Subaru service centre team provide reassurance for your vehicle. Only experienced Subaru trained technicians have the expertise to optimise your incredible Subaru vehicle. Our team of technicians not only have the benefit of professional Subaru training, but they are genuine experts on all the latest Subaru models and technologies.

From the Subaru Intelligent Drive system through to the first diesel Boxer engine in Australia with CVT, we invest in support and training for our Subaru Service Centre technicians to ensure that your service is performed by the best. Our technicians also have the access to state of the art tools and equipment such as the Subaru Diagnostics System. This allows them to provide specific solutions for your vehicle ensuring that your safety is assured, your performance is optimised, and your resale value is protected.

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Does the Subaru Impreza Have Android Auto?

subaru impreza android

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Does the Subaru Impreza have Android Auto? Well first and foremost, what is Android Auto?

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a mobile app built by Google to enable your car’s in-dash information and entertainment head unit parallel the interface of your Android device, such as your smartphone and other related devices. Once your mobile device is connected to your car’s head unit, it automatically mirrors your phone’s UI. Your car’s head unit will immediately display supported apps and functions on its screen which enables you to make and receive calls, read text messages, play music, search the web, use GPS etc. It also features a voice command prompt which reduces driver’s distraction.

Most of the cars that have been built in recent years features a space for the Android auto and the Subaru Impreza is not an exclusion.

Does the Subaru Impreza have the Auto Android Function?

The Subaru Impreza features one of the most recent interfaces available for the Auto android function. With a very classy and intuitive 8-inch touch screen multimedia system that is fully Android auto allows for wireless pairing and hands free device operation through the voice prompt function. If you get the Subaru Impreza, you can be sure of both accessibility, comfort, and safety. You can have complete control over your device through the voice prompt. You can access all apps from your comfortable sitting position without slouching, or bending or looking down to the dashboard. This makes using Android auto in the Subaru Impreza very safe.

So if you want to use your phone at maxim while driving, without any hitch or glitch, discomfort, and danger, then the Subaru Impreza is the sure bet for you. You can initiate and receive phone calls, read text messages, use the internet or GPS, play music etc. Trust me, The Subaru Impreza was made to fit in with the best of today’s technology. The multimedia dashboard of the Subaru Impreza is a typical example of what the car can offer in terms of ease, comfort, and safety.

The Subaru Impreza is one of the most popular car models by Japanese automobile company Subaru. Formed on the clustering of five other Japanese firms, the company ventured into car manufacturing in 1955 and has since then, risen to become one of the major automobile competitors in Japan, and also in the world at large. The Subaru automobile company (which was formerly known as the Fuji Heavy Industries) is well known for its combined use of the boxer engine designs and the symmetrical all-wheel drive train design in majority of its Vehicles. This makes most of its production cars unique in the world market.

The Subaru is a well-recognized brand in many parts of the world beyond Australia, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, North America, Asia etc. In 2012, Subaru partnered with Toyota (one of the leading car brands in the world) to manufacture the Subaru BRZ also known as the Toyota 86 within certain spheres. The Subaru Company currently has a lot of popular car makes in the automobile market and the Subaru Impreza is just one of them.

The Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is one of the major carlines produced by the Subaru automobile company, and it is a perfect representation of everything the Subaru Company stands for:

The Impreza has a long history in the Subaru family, a part of the company’s vehicle fleet since 1992. Manufactured as a replacement for the Leone, the Impreza has since become a name to be reckoned with amongst the Subaru brands. The Subaru Impreza remains one of the Subaru brands which seems to always be gunning an award or two. A 2019 study that was carried out by “i see cars” has named the Impreza as the “lowest depreciating sedan after five years of purchase. The Subaru Impreza has one of the highest rates of cars in active use after ten years of purchase (97 percent to be precise). This makes it one of the most sought after cars in its class. The most modern versions are the Impreza 2019 and Impreza 2020.

The Subaru Impreza is a state of the art car filled with every bit of up to date technology in the automobile production business. The features of the car show that it is built to be technologically efficient and comfortable. The Features of the Subaru Impreza include:

  • 152-bp Direct- injection SUBARU BOXER Engine

The Impreza features the latest and best of Subaru engines which is made with performance intelligence and experience of over fifty years. This engine is built to cancel out any vibrations that would hinder smooth and efficient running. It also features a direct injection for better performance and fuel economy.

  • Good body structure

The Impreza is built using high quality steel which makes it more rigid and durable. This built also makes it vibration resistant. This is one of the reasons why the Subaru Impreza is a more durable car.

  • Eyesight technology

Eye-sight technology is installed in to the Subaru Impreza. It monitors movement, and even alerts you when you are derailing. It has an automatic pre-collision braking system which can completely stop motion in case of emergencies. This makes the Impreza a very safe car.

  • High-Quality, comfortable interior

The Subaru Impreza features a very spacious interior with very quality soft materials and a lot of room for passengers comfort. The inclusion of a wide cargo area makes it almost impossible to have luggage spilling onto the passenger seats. Indeed the interior of the Subaru Impreza is the exact definition of Vehicle comfort.