Do You Really Need to “Run In” Your New Subaru WRX?

Do You Really Need to “Run In” Your New Subaru WRX?
August 27, 2018 City Subaru

The Subaru WRX is an excellent modern performance saloon with racing credentials. Many drivers believe that their new cars require a “running in” period to make sure that their engines and other systems “bed in” correctly. In fact, following on from this logic, it would seem natural to think that a performance car needs even more care to make sure that it’s eased into being driven. These ideas are a myth, and they have no basis in reality at all. Most modern cars are ready to be driven immediately and require very little in the way of special care to prevent damage to the engine. Let’s take a closer look at some of these myths and clear up any remaining confusion.

The “Running In” Process

Many drivers have heard this term at one time or another, and it refers to the first few weeks of new car ownership. The idea is that a new engine has to be gently “run in” over the first few weeks or the first couple of thousand kilometres. This will require the driver to only use gentle acceleration, keep the revs low and avoid towing of any kind. If these rules are not followed the engine will not be “bedded in,” and the engine lifespan could be reduced or the power plant could be damaged. This stuff is all total nonsense, and you will find no reference to this type of advice in any car owners manual. A modern new car is designed to be driven as soon as you take delivery and there is no need to baby the car along for the first few weeks. Simply drive the car as you normally would, and you will have no problems at all.

Subaru WRX, Do You Really Need to “Run In” Your New Subaru WRX?


Regular vs. Performance Cars

There is no appreciable difference between a regular and performance car for the purposes of driving them new. Even high end Ferrari sports cars require no special treatment when they are first used on the road. Despite the “highly strung” reputation of sports car engines, there is no special driving process required. In fact, given the complexity of the modern car engine, it’s surprising that they don’t need much attention. This is a testament to the design and modern materials used in the modern car manufacturing process.

The Importance of Servicing

The only real attention that a new car will need to undergo is regular servicing in accordance with the service schedule. This is important to ensure that the car is performing to the manufacturer’s specifications. Unless you’re buying a specialised car for track use, a regular service will be more than enough to keep your car working well. So, when you take delivery of your new WRX saloon, you can enjoy the drive straight away and forget babying your car because of a few old wives tales.

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