The Changing Colour Schemes and Themes in Subaru Rallying

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This year has seen a long awaited return to rallying for all Subaru fans around the world. The company has entered a tweaked WRX STI in the Kuhmo Australian Rallying Championship (ARC), and the first round has just been completed. After the initial round at the Quit Forest Rally in Brusselton, the car driven by Molly Taylor is in 4th place overall. This performance shows the importance of using Subaru genuine parts. Australia based drivers should avoid cheaper parts as they are not manufactured to the same exacting standards and cannot hope to deliver this impressive performance. As exciting as all this is, eagle eyed spectators may have noticed the colour scheme on the car. This scheme is based on a surfer theme, but don’t get to used to it as it will not be present at the next round and here is why.

Subaru Rallying, The Changing Colour Schemes and Themes in Subaru Rallying

The Significance of the Themes

The surfer theme will have disappeared, when the Subaru team return for the National Capital Rally round of the ARC in Canberra. When the event starts on the 27th of May, there will be an entirely different colour scheme and theme. The surfer theme was used to highlight the re-entry into rallying for Subaru. This theme was also chosen as a nod to the location of the first round, where the Margaret River is a renowned surfing spot. Nick Senior, the Subaru Australia Managing Director, said: Each stage of the event will see Molly Taylor’s Subaru WRX STI “in a livery that pays homage to key lifestyle or recreational activities held in that area.” He went on to say “The Chameleon theme is a nod to our brand positioning, Subaru do” and he also added, “Subaru is a ‘doing’ company, we stand for action, so do our cars, enabling our customers to do more and get more out of life.”

The Theme Selection Process

The colour schemes and themes are achieved by using a special wrap that is used to encase the car panels. This is carried out at Les Walkden Rallying in Launceston, Tasmania where the car is tweaked for each round of rallying. So what will the theme for Canberra be? Well, it’s going to be a surprise, Mr. Senior stated: It will be an “interesting” game for “fans in the Subaru blue army” to try guessing and working out what the themes will be for Canberra and beyond!” He also added, “We are going to have a lot of fun with this, there will be odd surprises and perhaps even a special announcement along the way!”

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