Can The Subaru XV Go Off Road?

Can The Subaru XV Go Off Road?
June 30, 2020 City Subaru
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Hey dear reader, in this article we will be answering the question, “Can the Subaru XV go off road?

The Subaru XV is one of multiple automobiles manufactured by the renowned Japanese automobile company Subaru. Known for its trademark boxer engine design, the company has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, locking up partnerships with some of the most formidable automobile manufacturers in the world. Some of such partnerships include a partnership with yet another Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota, a partnership which birthed the BRZ under the Subaru banner. The vehicle was also marketed by Toyota under a different name.

A Little History

Subaru was formed from the merger of five other Japanese firms ventured into car manufacturing in 1955. Ever since, the company has risen to become one of the major contending automobile companies in Japan, and in the world at large. The Subaru automobile company (which was formerly known as the Fuji Heavy Industries) is well known for its symmetrical all-wheel drive train design in majority of its Vehicles. This makes most of their cars unique in the world market.

In 2019, the Subaru automobile company has been rated as the most trusted brand in the world. The Subaru Company currently has a lot of popular car makes in the automobile market and the Subaru XV is one of such cars

The Subaru XV is one of the major vehicles produced by Subaru. The Subaru XV is in truth a sporty remake of the Impreza. The Impreza on the other hand has had a long history in the Subaru family, a part of the company’s automobiles since 1992. The Impreza has since become a name to be reckoned with amongst the Subaru brands. A 2019 study that as carried out by “i see cars” has named the Impreza as the “lowest depreciating sedan after five years of purchase. The Subaru Impreza has one of the highest rates of cars in active use after ten years of purchase (97 percent to be precise) and this singular statistic makes it one of the most sort after cars in its class. It is therefore little wonder why the Subaru XV was designed on the foundation of the Impreza.

Subaru XV

The XV however is a sporty remake of the Subaru Impreza. The first edition was unveiled in 2011. It was classified under the fourth generation of the Impreza (2011-2016). The Impreza now in its fifth generation (2016 till date) features a remake of the XV which is still a member of the impreza family.

The XV is a state of the art SUV with world class features which include:


The engine of the XV is built from over 50 years of experience. Featuring a direct injection for more power and improved efficiency, the engine is built to aid smooth and balanced movement.

  • Strong build and structure

It is built using high quality steel material which makes it the right fit for every rugged road or journey.

  • High-Quality, comfortable interior

The Subaru XV features a very comfortable interior. The well cushioned seats allows for comfort and good ventilation. It also features an acoustic wind shield that reduces noise.

Now, to the issue on ground. Does the Subaru XV go off road? Well the answer to that question is a big YES. This is because the XV is built in line with the latest auto mobile safety technology available. It is built to be a moving fortress. It is built to be rugged. The XV can survive off road situations. This is because the car is wired for such purposes. This is all possible because of the X-MODE pre-installed in the brand. The X-MODE which is only available on Subaru Vehicles, provides advanced and all-road capacity. The X-MODE can pull you through difficult routes that are built to stop all other cars. But with the Subaru XV, you would have a smooth ride through every kind of uneven road.

The X-MODE is very easy to navigate. Once activated, it does a variety of functions depending on the current off road situation. Just with the push of a button, X-Mode takes control of your Engine output, transmission, AWD torque split and braking system to help navigate you through the most rugged and toughest off road conditions.

  • Climbing

Whenever you have to travel up a slope, X-MODE aids your movement by using a lower gear ratio to generate extra capacity or strength at the wheels. It also makes for a twenty-five percent increase in AWD clutch pressure to evenly distribute rotational differences between both front and rear gear. This will provide the needed stability that would make climbing a breeze.

  • Slippery surfaces

When X-MODE is activated, the traction control system becomes very sensitive, significantly reducing the amount of time needed for the wheels to recapture traction and regain momentum. In very serious conditions, where you sink into mud pits, more power is diverted from the sleeping wheels to the more stable ones.

  • Descending

Perhaps the most useful function of X-MODE is when sloping down. When you are sloping down with X-MODE activated, the system analyses the road conditions and automatically induces the amount of brake pressure required. Thanks to this feature, all the driver has to do is focus on steering and nothing more.

Note: While the XV can go off-road, it is not meant for 4wd only conditions.

Note: The Subaru XV model is marketed as the Subaru Crosstrek. This change in name was made to align with Subaru’s global naming strategy. Therefore, when referring to the Subaru XV in the context in the market, it is synonymous with the Subaru Crosstrek. Rest assured, any information or references pertaining to the Subaru XV can be considered applicable to the Subaru Crosstrek.

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