A New 2020 Subaru Outback Teaser

A New 2020 Subaru Outback Teaser
July 11, 2019 City Subaru
City Subaru - Outback Teaser

The next generation 2020 Subaru Outback wagon has been teased recently, but we still don’t know much more about this impending release. A teaser image was released ahead or the 2019 New York Motor Show with a shot of the new wagon. Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve learned and make some educated guesses.

The Liberty Sedan Connection 

Once again the new Subaru Outback for sale here and in New Zealand will be based on the sedan that we know as the Liberty, and it’s known everywhere else at the Legacy. It will still be a soft roader wagon that can easily be differentiated from its sedan sibling by features such as higher suspension, wheel arch protectors, modified headlight graphics, roof rails, a brand new fascia design, plastic body protection panels, high profile tyres, and black detailed wing mirrors.

How Deep Will the Connection Go?

The latest version of the Subaru Legacy in the US has a pair of four cylinder “boxer” engines available. Industry insiders suspect that these two powertrains will be used in the upcoming 2020 Subaru Outback.

The entry level power plant is a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine that generates 136kW of power at 5,800 rpm and 239 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. The performance figures of this engine in the sedan can complete a 0-97km/h dash in around 8.4 seconds. 

The better specified engine is a 2.4L turbocharged XL unit that was introduced to replace the current 3.6L six cylinder unit. This power plant can generate 194 kW of power at 5,600 rpm and 376 Nm of torque at 2,000-4,800 rpm. 

The New Subaru Outback

As we’ve come to expect from Subaru cars (apart from the Subaru BRZ), the Outback will have the venerated all wheel drive system fitted as standard. It’s also likely that every variant will be fitted with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) exclusively. It’s likely that the new Outback will have even more advanced safety tech including the new DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation system that we saw debut on the latest Forester release.

A 5 star ANCAP safety rating is also expected in any new Subaru release, and the company is well known for its rigorous safety standards. 

At the moment we know very little about the interior, no details are available, and no teaser images have been released. However, it’s worth noting that the new Subaru Legacy sedans available in the US are available with either a pair of 7” or a single 11.6” infotainment touchscreen. It makes logical sense that we will also see these infotainment options on the upcoming new Subaru Outback.

Australian Availability

The new Subaru Outback sells well here in Australia, so it makes perfect sense to make it available here in the near future. However, at the moment there are no firm details for an Australian release date, but we will keep you informed.

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