A Brief Review of the New Subaru Outback 3.6r Premium

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The 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6r Premium has been out for a short while now. It has been well received by Subaru Outback Australia enthusiasts, and it has performed well in a competitive market. Here is a brief review of this luxurious SUV to show the rest of us what we may have been missing.

The Australian SUV Phenomenon

The previous Subaru Outback was very successful with over 23,000 models sold in Australia. Cynical observers may try to say that this was due to a price cut in 2014 that cut almost $10,000 of the price of a top of the range model. However, it’s interesting to note that the price cut came after the vast majority of those sales had already been made. It’s fair to say then that the Subaru Outback is a popular model in the SUV sector. The SUV market has grown significantly in recent years, the sales of SUVs now account for almost a third of all vehicles that are sold in Australia and that number is expected to rise. In order for the Outback to be successful, it has to build on the success of the previous model and surpass it.

New Subaru Outback, A Brief Review of the New Subaru Outback 3.6r Premium

The 2015 Outback Model

The new Subaru Outback differs from much of the competition in a few key areas. Firstly it offers as much or more carrying capacity than other vehicles in this class. Careful engineering has ensured that getting into and out of the vehicle is quite simple and in that respect the Outback is more like a crossover than a wagon. The ground clearance is set at 213mm, which is 37mm lower than the Liberty, which helps to give the Outback a friendlier driving experience on the road. When venturing off road, the Outback has constant all wheel drive so negotiating trails and tracks is a breeze.

The Engine Specifications

The power output on a vehicle of this type is an important consideration, especially if the driver intends to use it for an off road adventure. The powerplant is a 3.6L multi-point fuel injection six cylinder model that generates 191 kW of power (5600rpm) and 350Nm of torque (4400 rpm). This equates to a power to weight ratio of 121.7W/kg, so the Outback has plenty of power when needed. The fuel type is premium unleaded petrol and fuel consumption is 10.3L/100km combined. The Outback has a fuel capacity of 65L, which offers a good amount of range for a weekend getaway.

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