4 Tips to Choose the Right New Car: Dealers Perth Advice

4 Tips to Choose the Right New Car: Dealers Perth Advice
July 2, 2019 City Subaru
City Subaru - 4 TIps Right Car

If you’re looking at new Subaru cars for sale, it can be a difficult choice. There are many different models and specifications to choose from, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, if you take your time and follow these four simple tips you may find that you can narrow your choice down to a car that you want and need.

Assess Your Car Needs

It’s easy to examine your Subaru new cars need right now, but it’s also important to think about the next few years. When you take time to really assess what you need in a car, it will help you to eliminate many models that will be unsuitable. Then you can search with a narrower focus and avoid buyer’s remorse later. Here are seven key questions that you need to answer before you make a commitment to buy:

  • Do you want a manual or automatic transmission?
  • How many passengers will be carried in your car now and in the near future?
  • If fuel economy an important consideration?
  • Do you need an all wheel drive car?
  • Do you drive off road regularly?
  • What cargo capacity do you need?
  • What garage size space do you have?

Consider Your Budget

Once you’ve answered the questions above you will be ready to think about your av available budget. If you’re considering a car loan or a leasing arrangement, it’s important to know how much you would be realistically able to pay monthly. Many people don’t include things like clothes and entertainment into account, and this can lead to buyers remorse later. At City Subaru, we will work with you to try and find you a repayment plan that will meet your needs.

Don’t Forget About Long Term Costs

Some cars are cheaper to own initially, but they may cost more to run in the medium to long term, and you need to factor that into your decision making. Before you make your final choice, think about factors, such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs. Depreciation is also an important consideration, will the car that you want to buy hold its value if you look after it? How much money can you get back when it’s time to sell?

Will You Loan or Lease Your Car?

Both loaning and leasing can be a good way to get your new Subaru car, but they are very different options, and it’s important to understand the differing benefits.

Car Loaning Benefits

  • You own the car at the end of the car loan term.
  • The is more flexibility on how you can use the car.
  • You can modify the car as you wish.
  • If you drive long distances, there are no mileage penalties.
  • Over the medium to long term, the expenses will be lower.

Car Leasing Benefits

  • The monthly repayments will be lower.
  • Any down payment will be lower.
  • You can pay less to drive a more expensive car.
  • You can change the car to get the latest features every few years.
  • The overall commitment is reduced. 

When looking for new cars for sale in Perth, drivers should get in touch with City Subaru to arrange a no obligation test drive.

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