4 Essential Elements for a Hassle Free Family Trip in the New Subaru Forester

August 11, 2017 City Subaru

A family road trip is a great way to spend time together whilst travelling. However, a successful trip, especially involving children can deteriorate quickly if key needs are not met. Planning a successful trip may seem like a military operation at times, but it can be simplified significantly. Today, we have lots of options for information and entertainment that were not available only a few years ago. Here are four elements that will reduce stress levels and make a family trip more fun for everyone.

Trip City Subaru Forester, 4 Essential Elements for a Hassle Free Family Trip in the New Subaru Forester

1. Access to Devices:

Of course, many parents would like to see their children using their screens and devices less. However, it’s important to understand that in this context, as smartphone or tablet loaded with your favourite apps can make a long journey easier. A personal device for each child can give them some alone time even in a crowded car. There will be no disagreements over which movie they want to watch on the DVD player. To avoid noise pollution between different devices, always ensure that earbuds and headphones are available.

2. Keeping Devices Charged:

Hand held electronics are great, but like any other battery powered unit they will run out of charge sooner or later. Always ensure that the device is fully charged before setting off and have a charging cable in the car. A single charger may not be sufficient for multiple devices, so to minimise disagreement over who charges first, add an adapter with multiple USB ports, and you can charge up more than one device at once.

3. Analogue Toys:

Not every distraction has to be electronic, and it’s a good idea to have a stash of favourite toys on hand. These can be distributed over time to stave off boredom, but you need to choose the right toys. Avoid games and toys that have small components that can easily be dropped and lost. This will ensure that you’re not pulling over and searching under seats for missing pieces. If a battery powered toy is going to be used, have some spare batteries on hand.

4. Food and Drink:

Water is essential for a road trip, place pop top water bottles in your cup holders. Don’t take sugary drinks unless you enjoy sharing your car with hyperactive children that are dehydrated. Dole out the food slowly over time and take healthier snacks that are easy to eat and not too messy.

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