3 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe, When They Are Not in a New Subaru WRX

3 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe, When They Are Not in a New Subaru WRX
April 21, 2017 City Subaru

3 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe When They Are Not in a New Subaru WRX

When most petrolheads think about a Subaru WRX, they usually focus on the outstanding handling and performance aspects. This is understandable, but another key aspect to consider is that the WRX is a very safe car. It has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating, and many Subaru drivers can attest to the safety features that are installed. However, let’s focus on three ways that you can keep your child safe when they are not in a WRX and around other cars.

new subaru wrx, 3 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe, When They Are Not in a New Subaru WRX

1. Always Kerbside

This is a good practice to adopt when kids are younger to develop into a habit. Always have your little ones use the kerbside door when they are getting in or out of your Subaru WRX. Perth traffic is dangerous and using a door that opens onto a road is an accident waiting to happen.

2. Take Care on Car Parks

We are used to being hyper aware of roads that are filled with lots of fast moving traffic. However, many accidents actually occur on car parks involving slower moving cars colliding with pedestrians. This is bad enough if you are hit as an adult, but the effects can be devastating for a small child. On the average shopping car park, you will find people that are distracted and paying less attention to their driving than they would on a busier road. A particular danger to look out for is drivers reversing blindly out of a parking spot. Always treat car parks as busy roads and ensure that your children safely secured in your car before you load up your shopping.

3. Dangerous Driveways:

Larger vehicles with less visibility are more likely to be involved in accidents with children on driveways. The most at risk group are the under 5’s; they are smaller and less visible to a driver. Modern car technologies like the reversing camera can help, but they are no substitute for adult supervision. Always ensure that you keep an eye on small kids when a car is leaving or arriving on a driveway. If you’re the driver and you’re alone, keep the kids in the car with you. Make the driveway an out of bounds area where no play is allowed and ensure that any access to the driveway is childproofed.

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