3 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid: Perth City Subaru Service Advice

May 25, 2019 City Subaru
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Many drivers forget about a Subaru service until something goes wrong with their car. Neglecting maintenance can end up costing a driver a great deal of money, and it could even make your car less safe to drive. In the long term, a car that isn’t well maintained will have a shorter useful lifespan, and it will need to be replaced earlier costing even more money. Regular servicing can catch many minor issues before they develop into major problems that will be harder and more expensive to fix. Here are three common car maintenance mistakes that you need to avoid.

1. Using Counterfeit Parts

We have been plagued in recent years with a large quantity of counterfeit parts. These cheap copies are made from extremely low grade materials that quickly wear out on your car. When these parts fail, they can affect other parts which can lead to a very expensive repair bill. Counterfeit parts may look legitimate, but they are usually priced at a “too good to be true” price point and sourced from dodgy suppliers. It’s always a better idea to use genuine Subaru parts and recommended components. These parts may be more expensive, but they will last far longer, and they won’t let you down when you need them to work.

2. Not Checking Tyre Pressures

The four tyres on your car are the only points of contact with the road, and we rely on that grip for safe control. Sadly, many drivers take their tyres for granted, and they don’t check them regularly to ensure that they are safe to drive on. The minimum tread depth in Australia is 1.5mm, and none of the tread across the tyre can be less than this. The tread is needed to displace water during wet driving conditions to maintain grip. Also, when a tyre is underinflated, it will make your car less economical, and this will drive up your fuel bills. The ideal tyre pressures are listed in the owner’s manual and on the tyre placard in your car. Checking the tyres every other time when you fill up is a great habit to adopt, and this is an ideal time to physically inspect the tyres for damage. Check all four tyres in turn and don’t forget about the spare if you have one.

3. Not Changing the Oil

The average interval to carry out an oil change is every 12,500 km for a modern car. If you drive an older model, this figure should be reduced to every 5,000 km or so. Every car needs a regular oil change, and this should not be skipped or ignored. If motor oil is left in your engine for too long, it will gradually break down and form sludge deposits. This material will eventually damage your engine leading to an expensive repair or even a total engine replacement. So, if you want your car to last a long time and perform well, a regular oil change is needed.

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