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    Top Tips to Get the Best From New Car Sales in Perth

    As a new Subaru car dealer in Perth, we want our customers to be happy with their new purchase. You…

  • City Subaru - Subaru BRZ BRZ Premium

    Return of the BRZ: 2023 Review

    Gearheads of Perth, stop what you’re doing and listen closely. The Subaru BRZ (also recently named the 2022 motorsports car…

  • Subaru Forester Towing Capacity - Perth City Subaru

    The Ultimate Guide to Towing with Your Subaru Forester

    Thinking of hitching up a trailer to your Subaru Forester but unsure how much weight is allowed? Maybe you’re wondering…

  • Subaru Forester for sale, Perth

    How to have an enjoyable family road trip with kids

    Family road trips are a sensational way to spend time together and create lasting memories for the entire family. It’s…

  • Subaru Forester

    Why Subaru Forester Is The Best For You?

    It’s been proven that the Subaru Forester for sale is a well-rounded vehicle. You can tell by the make that…

  • Subaru Outback

    It’s heating up! Car maintenance tips for summer

  • Is driving under the speed limit illegal - Perth City Subaru

    Is driving under the speed limit illegal?

    Ever been stuck behind someone going painfully slow? Or perhaps you were driving along in your new Subaru XV and…

  • Subaru BRZ - Perth City Subaru

    How to maximise your car resale value

    Selling your second-hand car is a smart thing to do these days. Prices are high, and sellers like yourself have…

  • Car broken down - City Subaru Perth

    Car broken down? Here’s what to do

    Are you sitting on the side of the road madly googling, “What to do when car breaks down”? Don’t worry…

  • Is it illegal to sell a car under finance - City Subaru

    Is it illegal to sell a car under finance?

    The quick answer? Yes! It’s possible to sell your car if it’s still under finance. It’s just going to take…

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