How to Maximise Your Subaru BRZ Resale Value

August 13, 2019 City Subaru
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The Subaru BRZ is an excellent performance coupe, and it represents a significant value proposition. However, there is no getting away from the fact that any car can lose as much as 30% of its value in the first year alone. It’s a real thrill to own a brand new car, but it’s important to protect your investment and take steps to maximise the resale value.

Buying Your Subaru BRZ

The best way to save money and boost your resale value is to get the best possible deal when you buy your BRZ. Hunt around for the best possible prices, negotiate hard, and if you need car financing, get the best possible terms. The less you initially spend on your new car, the less you will lose when during that crucial first three years. Of course, this will still be a significant figure, but anything that you can do to offset this figure will pay dividends later when it comes time to sell.

Protect Your Servicing History

The logbook is the best asset that you can have when it comes time to sell your car. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of your car servicing and have every service recorded in your car’s logbook. This will give your potential buyer a great deal of confidence, and nothing will sour a sale faster than a sketchy logbook. It’s also worth mentioning that car buyers seem to favour cars that have been serviced at a dealership rather than an independent garage. So, if you want the best possible price for your car, get it serviced at the stated intervals and use Perth City Subaru to service your BRZ.

Protect the Paint and Bodywork

If you can, store your car under cover away from harsh sunlight that could damage your car paint over time. This is also the best way to prevent dings, scratches, and gouges in your bodywork from cars parked nearby and vandalism. When you do take your Subaru BRZ out on the road, avoid parking under trees. Both bird poop and tree sap are acidic, sticky, and hard to remove, and if you leave this material on your paint, it will be compromised. It’s a great idea to hand wash your car weekly and apply a good quality car wax to add an extra layer of protection for your car paint. Avoid using an automated car wash because the recycled water will contain dirt and grit that could cause tiny scratches on your paintwork.

Protect the Interior

You are, of course, free to smoke inside your car, but if you want to get the best resale value, it’s a good idea to avoid this practice. Regularly vacuuming the interior is advisable and you can use dedicated car cleaning products to clean the surfaces. Avoid using home cleaning products because they are designed to meet a different need, and they could damage the plastic or rubber materials in your car.

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