4 Top Tips for Driving the BRZ Safely in Wet Weather

4 Top Tips for Driving the BRZ Safely in Wet Weather

February 2, 2016 City Subaru Subaru

The new Subaru BRZ offers a fantastic and exciting driving experience for those lucky enough to own one. However, driving conditions are not always optimal and it’s important to understand that driving in inclement weather requires a different driving style. Here are four top tips for driving the BRZ safely in wet weather.

Watch Your Speed

The new Subaru BRZ has an excellent braking system combined with exceptional grip, but as good as it is it cannot defy the laws of physics. During wet weather the road surface will become slippery, reducing grip and increasing the time to come to a full stop. This is even more relevant when cornering at speed as the lateral movement of the vehicle will exacerbate the problem. On the highway at higher speeds hydroplaning could become an issue as the car is lifted from the road and steering becomes ineffectual. Although it is tempting to push the BRZ in all kinds of weather, it is a good idea to slow down.

Subaru BRZ, 4 Top Tips for Driving the BRZ Safely in Wet Weather

Maintain a Safe Distance

During periods of wet weather, the number of rear-end accidents increases significantly. This statistic is because many drivers fail to maintain an adequate distance between their car and the car in front of them. It’s important to note that many drivers fail to respond quickly in the event of an emergency. Try to allow enough space to respond to situations as extra distance will allow for more reaction time. Avoid hard braking to allow the vehicle behind extra time to react and check all mirrors regularly to maintain a good idea of what is going on.

Safe Vehicle Control

The new Subaru BRZ Premium features cruise control that is great for most of the time. However, in wet weather cruise control can cause problems as it may take longer to react when travelling at a consistent speed. It is far better to accelerate and decelerate manually during heavy bouts of wet weather. The vehicle chassis and suspension on the BRZ has been designed to assist the tyres to achieve maximum grip. The BRZ has 17” alloy wheels that are shod with excellent tyres, but it’s important to ensure that the tyres have been inflated to the correct pressure to ensure maximum grip.

Consider the Braking Distance

The BRZ has an excellent safety system with anti-lock brakes, stability control and electronic traction. However, it is still important to consider how much space is needed to stop safely in the event of an emergency. The braking distance required rises dramatically as the speed increases and this is another good reason to drive slower when it is raining.

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