3 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your XV: Subaru Expert Advice

January 7, 2019 City Subaru
Subaru XV

One of the main reasons why people love their SUVs is the chance to take them on adventures and trips. In the XV, Subaru has produced a car that fills this role admirably making beach trips and longer cruises enjoyable and safe. However, as we head into a sizzling hot summer, it can be very easy to get caught out on the road, and this could result in a lengthy wait for a tow. In this article, we will look at three summer maintenance tips for your car.

1. Examine the Tyres

When you look at a Subaru XV for sale, you will notice that it’s shod with excellent tyres. However, the tyres on your car are your only point of contact with the road, and they can easily become compromised. This could be something as simple as an incorrectly inflated tyre, a worn patch that reduces grip, a leak or puncture. Any of these things could make your tyre less safe and increase your fuel consumption at the same time. The tyres on your car should be carefully checked every month to make sure that they are compliant with the required tyre pressures. The tread should be at least 3 mm deep, and they should be replaced if this is not the case. Many drivers forget about their spare tyre, so check that at the same time, and you will have more options if you get a flat tyre on the road.

2. Get the Oil Changed

The oil in your engine is vital to lubricate parts, cool down the engine and to prevent engine corrosion. When the oil level gets too low or if it’s dirty it can easily cause the engine to seize up. Summer is a great time for an engine change, and a detailed schedule should be provided in your owner’s manual. While you’re sorting out the oil, it’s a good idea to check the other fluid levels at the same time. When you develop a regular habit to check fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid engine coolant and brake fluid, your car will work better and be less likely to let you down.

3. Fix That Engine Check Light

Many drivers ignore an illuminated engine light and continue to drive around as normal. This is a bad tactic, especially if you’re planning a longer driving journey or a trip into the outback. It’s a great idea to get any lingering issues fixed before you set off and end up stranded waiting for help. An engine check light is not a precise diagnostic tool, but it does indicate that something is wrong. This could be something trivial like a loosened fuel filler cap, or it could be a far worse problem that will get even worse over time. Fixing a smaller problem is easier and cheaper, so it makes good sense to find out what’s wrong and get it fixed quickly. If they are searching for a Subaru XV for sale, Perth based drivers should visit Perth City Subaru, and we will be happy to arrange a no obligation test drive.


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