Subaru Impreza for Sale Perth Figures Up Despite Market Downturn

Subaru Impreza for Sale Perth Figures Up Despite Market Downturn
April 6, 2017 City Subaru

Subaru Impreza for Sale Perth Figures Up Despite Market Downturn

In Perth and across the entire country we have seen a slow start to sales for many car manufacturers. Sales figures are down by 3.8% with 173,395 units sold in total. Market leader Toyota is experiencing a growth of less than 1%, but Audi, Mazda, Holden, Nissan, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and Jeep are all down on last year. However, there are five brands that are running contrary to this trend and selling well. Here they are in reverse order as a percentage increase over last year’s sales figures for the same period.

Honda 7.9% Increase:

Honda has sold 6,666 units so far this year, this is a sales increase of 7.9% over last year, and an additional 489 units have been sold. The Honda success is primarily down to the new Civic which has sold 1,703 units and their consistently steady performer the HR-V. On the downside, sales for the CR-V are down 16%, and the Jazz is down by 23%.

Subaru 11.7% Increase:

Subaru has sold 7,755 units, which is a sales increase of 11.7% over the same period last year. This equates to 812 additional units sold in total. The star is the new generation Subaru Impreza sedan and wagon with 1,859 sales and increase of 135.3%. This reflects a number of fantastic improvements to the Impreza and an attractively price new servicing package. The Levorg also sold an additional 211 sales, both the Forester and the Outback sales remained steady.

Renault 21.6% Increase:

Renault has sold 1,668 units in total this year, the sales of the Clio are up by 37% to 316 thanks to some bargain deals, and the Koleos has sold 366 units. Sales across the rest of the range are fairly steady, which seems to indicate a clearance on demonstration models.

Jaguar 27.5% Increase:

Jaguar has sold 519 units so far, and their new F-Pace Crossover has sold 276 of those. Others models are performing poorly, the XE sedan sales decreased by 42% with 174 models sold and the XF sales are down by 44% with only 43 sales in total.

Kia 32.4% Increase:

Kia sold 8,189 units improving on the success they enjoyed last year. Their top model is the Cerato which sold 2,885 units, an increase of 77.5%. Other notable performers are the Sportage which increased sales up to 22.7% to 2,169 units and the Sorento up

17.3% to 738 models sold

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