How and Why Would You Buy a Demonstration Car?

December 19, 2016 City Subaru

How and Why Would You Buy a Demonstration Car?

Many people, may already know about the benefits that can be enjoyed when buying Subaru demo cars for sale locally. For the uninitiated, buying a demo car is a great way to make fantastic savings on virtually new car. However, if you’re not familiar with the inner workings of the car industry, you should exercise caution. There are many pitfalls to avoid, but perseverance and due diligence will pay off big. Here are a few useful tips to get you started on your demo car adventure.

What Do You Mean by Demo Car?

A demo car is an abbreviation of demonstrator as that’s what these cars are. They are demonstration vehicles that were used as show and test drive models for your local dealer. In fact, much like a new car, they have never had an owner, and they usually have fairly low mileage for their age. Many of these cars are less than a year old, and they are in very good condition.

subaru demo cars for sale, How and Why Would You Buy a Demonstration Car?

What Kind of Deals Can You Get?

Well, you can expect as significant saving on the price compared to a brand new model. Additionally, many people are unaware that there are other benefits to be had. Essentially, you will be the first owner of the vehicle and you are entitled to many of the bonuses attributed to the buyer of a brand new car. A prime example of this would be in relation to your servicing; the agreement would still be in place with a small caveat. Servicing is set on a different vehicle at certain periods of time and at specific kilometres. Obviously, a demo car has already been run for a certain distance and for a period of time, so that elapsed period is counted towards your servicing. In real terms, this could mean that you lose a few thousand kilometres or up to a year’s worth of servicing. This may seem like a major disadvantage, but it is worth noting that these cars have to be kept in good order to demonstrate them to potential buyers.

Not All Demo Cars are Equal:

It is true that you need to be aware of all the details before making a purchase and make sure to ask plenty of questions. One of the key things to be aware of is that not all demo cars are equal. The demo car that you’re interested in may have only been used for customer test drives, in this case, the warranty has already been started. The car could be undriven yet registered; it has probably been sat in the dealer’s stock, and it needs to be moved on to make way for new models. In this case, the car warranty was started when the car was registered, and it cannot be changed. Finally, there are cars that are both undriven and unregistered, these are a rarer find, but they offer substantial value for money. In this scenario, you’re well within your rights to ask for a brand new warranty when you negotiate the deal. With a little luck, when they visit a Subaru demo sale, Perth drivers could possibly get a brand new car with a full new warranty at a discounted price.

If you’re looking for a Subaru demo car for sale, contact us here at Perth City Subaru. We have an impressive selection of new and demo cars available for sale right now. We would like to invite you to join us for a no obligation test drive at your earliest convenience. Our sales team is standing by to offer advice and answer any questions that you may have.

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