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  • Best Electric Cars Australia - City Subaru

    Avoiding Costly Mistakes: How to Choose the Right Electric Car

    With the surge in new Electric Vehicles (EVs), the automotive landscape is buzzing. As consumers increasingly lean towards electric motors…

  • Car Blue Print - Subaru

    What is the Subaru e-Boxer?

    As the automotive industry turns towards a greener future, hybrid technology is paving the way for a union of fuel…

  • Subaru Lineartronic CVT - City Subaru Perth

    What is a Subaru Lineartronic CVT and How Does it Work?

    The Subaru Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) isn’t just another feature; it’s a pivotal element that defines the driving experience…

  • Sleeping Safely in a Subaru Outback

    Embrace the Outdoor: Camping and Sleeping Safely in a Subaru Outback

    In recent years, the appeal of car camping has captivated the hearts of many outdoor adventurers. With the promise of…

  • Subaru EyeSight Technology - City Subaru

    Subaru EyeSight Technology: How Does it Work?

    Here at Subaru, we’ve always believed that our vehicles should do more than just take you places. They should also…

  • Crosstrek vs Outback - City Subaru -Perth Dealer

    Crosstrek vs Outback: Your Ultimate Guide to Subaru’s Top-Tier Vehicles

    When the moment arrives to invest in your next all-terrain vehicle, it’s likely that you’ll be faced with this big…

  • Subaru Boxer Engine - Perth City Subaru

    What is a Subaru Boxer Engine? The Heart of Subaru Vehicles

    Diving into the riveting realm of automotive technology, we encounter an intriguing term: the Subaru Boxer engine. It’s a key…

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